For Companies

The Ludgate Environmental Fund invests in a diverse portfolio of resource efficiency companies for capital growth.

The Fund focuses on the following core areas within the resource efficiency sector:

  • Waste and recycling
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water

Our target resource efficiency companies demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Clear environmental improvement
  • Proven technology with a scalable business model
  • Revenue generation or clear, near-term visibility to substantial sales
  • Experienced management with technical expertise and track record of delivery
  • Defensible, differentiable intellectual property or know-how
  • Significant potential market with high existing, or expected, growth rates
  • Clear exit strategy within the anticipated life of the fund

The Ludgate Environmental Fund concentrates on resource efficiency companies in, or focused on, Continental Europe and the UK, although its investments are not geographically restricted. Investments typically range from £3-10 million, though total deal sizes can be significantly higher, as we frequently bring in our fund investors as co-investors. No single investment is expected to have a value greater than 15% percent of the net assets of the Company at the point of investment.